Big Messes and I FORGOT AGAIN

I didn’t post yesterday! I’m spinning out of control! This is too much rebelliousness for me to handle. I should have been responsible, and written something in the afternoon before going out with my family for dinner. BUT I DIDN’T, AND I’M SORRY, OKAY? *sniffles* We went out to a Thai restaurant to eat (you are aware that Thai is the food of the Heavens, right?) and before that I was working, and after that we had tea and went to bed.

Yesterday I got to use the sentence, “It was a series of unfortunate events that led to this”, IN REAL LIFE CONVERSATION AND IT WAS AWESOME. I just live to say things like that. Nicole, who I said it to, even praised my wording: “That was a perfect way to describe it.” I was referencing the spill of hot chocolate that our boss’s daughter created. It was one of those massive spills, where the hot chocolate puddle slowly expands and marches forward, like lava wreaking havoc on a small village, creeping into every crevice and every cupboard. What surely made her heart plummet most was that her drink was so perfect and so close to being finished— the snafu occurred only as she was adding the chocolate powder atop her pièce de résistance and accidentally dropped the chocolate shaker Directly. Into. The. Mug.


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