Posted in March 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have been/will be spoiled with chocolate today. I was first awake this morning, and assumed we wouldn’t be really ‘hunting’ this year, but I pulled out a chair from the table and found a box of Easter eggs. That sneaky bunny. I spent the morning finally finishing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries … Continue reading

The Insomniac Diaries

Last night I just could not get to sleep. There was too much to think about, and because I’d gone to bed so late I was already at that point of no return (you know, where you must surrender to the fact that sleeping will be impossible). Still, in vain, I tried: 11:40 pm: Read … Continue reading

This Morning Takes A Turn For The Weird

I just found a paper clip in my hair while I was showering. AN ACTUAL PAPER CLIP. Alyssa, this is a new low, even for you. *Internet shakes its collective head in pity* I honestly have no idea how it got there. It could have been there the whole night for all I know. Maybe … Continue reading

Scary French Test

I have to leave for uni in nine minutes, so I don’t know why I’m writing this post– but I am so let’s go. We’ve got a written French test today, and what’s horrifying about it is that our teacher has been really vague about it. She told us, in French, “It’s one hour, no … Continue reading


I’m not the best representative for this “blog-every-day-once-a-day” thing. I mean, it hasn’t been too disastrous, but it would be doing better if I’d committed to posting every day except those random days when I don’t feel like turning the laptop on at ten-to-midnight, which is basically what I’m doing. That one doesn’t sound as … Continue reading

Buying Presents: It’s Complicated

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday, and two days later, my sister’s turning 17. The family’s going out to a restaurant for dinner, but I’ve told mum she has to get up at 7:30 so I can give her presents and make breakfast before I go to work (that’s not too cruel on someone’s birthday, is … Continue reading

We’re PLL Enthusiasts

This is generally what happens when my friend, Lucie, my sister and I all watch Pretty Little Liars together in black hoodies (dressed up as ‘A’) in a darkened room (to add to the intensity): Alyssa: *sobs because of some emotionally charged Ezria scene* *** Lucie: No. Alyssa: No. Tegan: No. *** Alyssa: The books… … Continue reading

A Taylor Swift Post

(Because Taylor Swift makes me happy. And prepared to finish assignments. Therefore after this post I will be positively begging to start work. Right?)  Last night (or tonight?) Taylor performed a song from her first record, ‘Cold As You’ on the Red Tour. If you’re not a fan, let me tell you, this is awesome. … Continue reading