Rain, Ellen DeGeneres and a Disney Show

It’s just started pouring rain again. Summer rain, so I don’t mind it. It is however 80% humidity which is… a lot of wetness to deal with. Everything smells damp. Like a sheep’s just had a bath. In Melbourne it’s been stormy all week, with thunder storms and all that snazzy lightning (the thunder was so loud it scared me a little bit). At least it’s not a full blown blizzard here, because Elodie’s day just convinced me that she really needed to crawl into a onesie and drink hot chocolate by the end of it all.

Other exciting Melbournian news is that Ellen‘s team was in town today requesting bedazzled underpants and passports so she could fly a winner to L.A for her show. I didn’t go out because a) I’ve never had a passport and b) it would take me an hour to get to the city; but I totally wanted someone I know to win (and then I would be insanely jealous).

Also I spotted another tiny lizard in the kitchen today, and I’ve named her Lizzie in honour of an episode of Lizzie McGuire I watched yesterday where Matt takes the class lizard home. Yes, I DID watch Lizzie McGuire, YESTERDAY. I WIN.


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