Don’t Ask Me How To Blog

Sometimes (most times) when I log on to WordPress, I get distracted by the orange notifications flashing in the corner and have to read them first. And then I read the new posts I’m subscribed to. I might make some comments, or snort-giggle at a particularly hilarious sentence. Occasionally I’ll open up another tab in my browser and get lost in the infinite joys of Tumblr’s endless scrolling for a good 20 minutes. By this time, I’ve almost completely forgotten that I have to actually write something.

I usually do remember though, so I open up a new post and stare at the blinking cursor until a good idea comes into my head. Sometimes the ideas are no good but I just write it anyway. I’m sorry. Sometimes I have no ideas at all, not even a boring one, and I will probably post a photo and let you do the quality posts. I’m pretty hopeless that way.


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