Pink Glitter

My nails are currently painted with a fresh coat if pink glitter nail polish, thank you very much, because my cousin booked a manicure appointment for us today. I’m doing that obnoxious hand-flashing, “LOOK AT MY PRETTY FINGERS” thing that people do when they’ve just done their nails and they’re overly proud of them. You know, you walk around, twirling your wrists in slow motion like a professional hand model, or clutching your purse and phone like you’re being photographed. (I really hope other people do this too).

I know that pink glitter is slightly immature for my age and, as someone put it to me this afternoon, “psychedelic!”… but I figured when else am I going to be able to wear such a flashy shade?  Why not?

The funny thing about this new nail salon in our town is that it’s directly opposite the butcher’s — so I glanced sideways from the chair and I immediately thought “MEAT.” Yeah. So that’s weird.


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