How I Survived a Day With No Internet (hint: just barely)

I had no idea how heavily I relied on access to the Internet as a form of entertainment. I mean, I knew that like most people these days I spend a large majority of my day scrolling through pictures of beautiful things, or watching funny videos on Youtube (especially right now in my life since I’m still on holidays). But I did’t truly appreciate how messed up and mundane my everyday at-home-alone routine would get without getting on the web. Sometime this morning, around 3:45 am, our street lost power. Along with the outage, which was fixed by late morning,  the modem did some short-circuit-reset-thing on its own accord, which led to no Internet for the entire day. No blogging. No Twitter, or Instagram, or Youtube. I was in a situation-inflicted exile… I couldn’t do a thing about it. I found myself preternaturally bored.

I dusted off my Nintendo DS and actually played* Brain Training (*if you can call an activity that includes maths and tests of intellect “play”). I read my book, which wasn’t bad, but it became increasingly somniferous with the knowledge that I had no choice but to read it (or do the dishes, which I also did.) I watched several episodes of Friends on DVD when the power finally came back on. I fed the chickens. There was still no Internet.

Maybe one day I’ll give up the Internet for Lent, that is, when it doesn’t clash with my exisiting resolution of daily blogging.


One thought on “How I Survived a Day With No Internet (hint: just barely)

  1. The internet can fill up a lot of time. I use it for work and also find myself bouncing along here and there to fill the time when i am bored. I am sure if it was not availoable i would find that to be an annoying absence. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

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