When I Was 5, I Knew All My Colours.

For the past few hours I’ve been watching old home videos, which is, quite simply, the most hilarious activity. Who wouldn’t want to see tiny versions of themselves, walking around in atrociously bright and coordinated outfits, saying funny things in high-pitched voices? Who wouldn’t want to see their parents looking exactly the same except with more hair, and criticise their fashion faux-pas?

There were camping trips, farm visits, birthday parties, our first days of primary school and camera-hogging moments-on-bikes in the front yard. My cousins, my sister and I had a toy car race down our driveway, and 19-year-old me was yelling at the screen because I was obviously cheating. I’d say “Ready, set… GO!” and my car would already be halfway down the driveway. Then there was the time I had my fairy party, and I wouldn’t say a word to the fairy in charge because I was so shy. And even a homemade cooking show of my sister and I making French Toast.

I tried to attach a picture of myself, but that’s not working (shame, cause it’s hilarious).


One thought on “When I Was 5, I Knew All My Colours.

  1. My mom, dad and brother are all gone now and those family movies are more priceless than ever. I REALLY need to get them transferred to DVD before the film disintegrates. Perhaos your post will motivate me to do that.

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