Dogs Can’t Sit Still

We were sitting around the dinner table at our friends’ house last night when two identical dalmatians came flying past the window, sending the family’s dog, Mia, into a frenzy. Mia was chained up, so she looked like a life-sized version of those ping-pong-paddles. We’d spotted the dalmatians about an hour before when we were sitting out on the deck, eating a cheese platter, and tried whistling and calling all kinds of things in puppy-voices to keep them from running out onto the busy main road. Our friends live on a large bit of land, so we weren’t sure where the dogs had come from. The whistling worked, sort of– they didn’t come to us (they just sort of paused and looked quizzically in our direction for a moment), but we did manage to turn them around before they were off again, throwing ownership to the wind.

We’d just served up dinner when the dalmatians reappeared, speeding back and forth, so Max shot up out of his seat and spent a good amount of time running around after them, but to no avail. Even a second person, Marcus, couldn’t manage to stop them. They only screeched to an instant halt as Mary brought out some roast lamb. Typical dog. All of the girls gave Mary a round of applause when she came back inside. The End!

The owners came to pick up the pair, who were to be sent “straight to the naughty corner”, and we stayed outside in the warm night until it was time to go home.


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