My forgetfulness that I posted about yesterday – turns out –  is not exclusive to what I did last week, but also to my plans for the future. Kristyn asked me today about my plans for the rest of the weekend, and I couldn’t tell her. She suggested I make notes on my arm for future reference. It’s sad, but I may actually have to do this.

In other news, it’s hot, there are lots of small fires all over the state, and we’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. I can’t really say that  today was too exciting. I woke up far too early than a person should ever have to on a Saturday. I went to work. I walked back to the car and cursed myself for not using that sun-shield thing. I had to wait for the steering wheel to cool down before I could handle it. We had some visitors. I made a tiny fence in the ground, made of sticks.


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