There’s Going To Be a Kiss In The Rain, I Just Know It

A storm is brewing outside, and I’m preparing to go OUT tonight, to stuff my face with food and see a soppy Nicholas Sparks book-turned-film with my girlfriends (or, my four lovely Valentines). It’s going to be fabulous.

In other news, the iParty was a success!! Some have called me a “magical unicorn” for planning it, and I am not one to refuse such a dazzling title. There were pinatas, waffles, anagrams, and house elves, lots of bad dancing (and, goats? apparently. They weren’t my doing). I hope you were all able to swing by.


3 thoughts on “There’s Going To Be a Kiss In The Rain, I Just Know It

    • Josh Duhamel was one of the primary reasons we went to see it 🙂 I know, I was so anxious the whole time she was running/there was a flashback. Like, one hand on my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, one on my heart.

      • dude it was freaking creepy! and the worst part was when they played calming guitar music and i’m like “tralala this is so romantic! i love this movie!” and then she went to her CABIN IN THE FREAKING WOODS and it got dark and mysterious music started playing… holy mustaches.

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