LOL and the iParty

Joanna and I watched LOL today (the French film, not the Miley Cyrus version) because we wanted to brush up on our Français. We didn’t do that well…we needed the subtitles on for most of the slang, but at least we tried. It’s very teenage, MySpace generation. And Christa Theret looks a little bit like Jennifer Lawrence. I liked it, and I think I’m considering watching it again since it’s rented for a whole week…


Also, it’s Elodie’s birthday today* and I’ve been incessantly tweeting her throughout her “Australian birthday” (because I live in the future) and planning her iParty (which is my way of throwing a super cool party online through only textual communication. It’s hard to really set the scene with only 144 characters at a time, but I’ll do my best). It might seem weird because I don’t know her in person, and we are only Friends on the Internet, but I think that’s COOL.

*I could go on this big spiel about how I think it is the 12th over there and PST/EST and the reliability of iPhone clocks, but let’s just say that yes, it is her birthday. And obviously, I love birthdays.


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