Symmetric Faces, Get Out.

Some people are just too damn good looking for their own good! You don’t even have to like the guy, or have ever seen him before, he could be wearing purple polka-dotted socks underneath a panda costume. Once he makes eye contact with you, with those freakishly deep brown eyes under the mop of hair (Greek God Pantene-perfect hair) all your knowledge of the English language acquired after the age of two goes out the window (defenestration? ha) and you’re sinking in a puddle of “um, er, wha…”s.

Or you’re so surprised to see a real-life model that you have to squint your eyes and bring your face up unnervingly close to hers, and then it’s just awkward for everybody.

But when you see a beautiful person (after, of course, the stammering and envious face inspection) just think– “I can probably pull off a WAY  better ugly face than Hercules over there. LOOK!” *contorts face into various monstrosities* Or, “I can easily look like that with the right Instagram filter and some big sunglasses.”



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