It’s Funny, I’d Always Considered Myself More of a Blair

I knew I’d watched too many episodes straight of Gossip Girl when I woke up this morning and realised I’d been dreaming that the show’s stylist had agreed to dress me like an upper-east-sider for the day. There were sequinned skirts, and blazers and designer sunglasses involved. I met Blake and Leighton and commented that both their names were equally masculine/unisex (I am apparently just as awkward as my dream-self).  *Sigh* Why did I have to wake up? The problem with my dreams though, particularly if I’m semi-awake and capable of some conscious thought, is that I usually go off on a tangent, over-analysing some highly irrelevant detail, like what colour shoes I’m wearing. And then I wake up before anything good happens.

Even more evidence, I walked in to my mum’s bathroom as we were preparing to leave, and spotted one of her necklaces on the counter. Season 5 of GG has Serena wearing all kinds of big accessories, the bigger the better, like she’s decided to flee the country and has taken with her all the jewels her decolletage can handle along for the journey. So mum’s long aquamarine gemstone necklace reminded me of Serena, and I walked around all day pretending to be fabulous.


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