Now You Know I Want To Own a Mountain

I had to wake up insanely early this morning and keep refreshing my web browser because class registration opened today. It all worked out in my favour (well, I have three 9 am starts which I can’t do anything about, and they will mean I’ll have to get up super early for my train– but I got all the class times I wanted). It’s acted as yet another reminder that I have to actually go back…to study, and homework, and routine! Noooooooooo. My first real reminder occurred a few days ago when my Literature books arrived in the mail. Is it weird that I’m both excited to read them and dreading it at the same time? “Uncle Ben’s Cabin” is huge, and if I finish it, I want to be praised by all for 24 hours.

My friend Joanna came over today for a tea date (we do that), and I remember making some unintelligent sounding comment/metaphor about how one must do the things they love by blurting out “Yeah, you’ve gotta fill, uh…” “Your bucket.” How poetic. We talked about climbing the pile of mulch in my back yard and claiming it like an undiscovered mountain (Mt. NaNoWriMo, a large and treacherous rocky formation on some undiscovered island), about cousins, about writing and blogging (I think I’ve convinced her to start a blog. I WIN. Something). She is the best. Jo, if you read this, you’re my spirit animal. …I have a few.


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