I forgot to publish a post yesterday, but I wrote it up… So does that count? Is this my post for today, or for yesterday? Is Elodie going to throw things at me??? (I’d actually like to see how that would work).

Yesterday’s Alyssa wrote: I woke up early to go to work this morning. It’s actually been cold today…and squally. Typical Melbourne. I walked around with a blanket before I left. I wore two cardigans just to get there (one layer of cardigan just wasn’t enough). Today was also my sister’s first day back at school. My cousin is spending the night at our house, so we’ll probably watch some movies. AND my friend texted me today, asking me to catch up, and also to tell me that she read The Fault in Our Stars after months of my pestering her.

Today’s Alyssa wrote the following: So you really wouldn’t have missed much. But whatever. Now I’m home from work, watching Gossip Girl, and drinking tea. 


10 thoughts on “I MISSED A DAY

  1. *finds objects them throw*
    *juggles menacingly*
    Well, but you wrote one. And you just forgot to publish it. And most important of all you used the word squally.
    *retreats into shadows, still juggling*

      • Yes, it is summer here, but Melbourne weather’s always a bit unpredictable. And after almost a week of hot days (30-40 celcius = 86+ fahrenheit?) we suddenly got down to 17 degrees (62.6 for you? Gotta love Google) IT KEEPS FLUCTUATING! And while that isn’t really that cold, it was morning and I had goosebumps, and it was a big difference from those really hot days!
        Plus, I term “cardigans” really /thin/ sweaters, I don’t know why, so my double-cardigan is approximately equal to one normal sweater. I think.

      • Oh how exciting! It does get cold here, I swear…especially in my hometown. But you should be alright in Brisbane, it’s pretty tropical all year round. Maybe just one pair of pants?

        • true… i had an exchange student from brisbane, and she had a uniform that was a blue and white striped sundress with a sunhat… it was 30 degrees F all the time here (dec-jan) and i felt so bad for her… at least it’s warm over there, i cant wear less clothes… instead of people coming here and having to wear 3 jackets at one time

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