Posted in February 2013

Use Your Words

Earlier today I was reading an article for my writing class that told me to “Stop envying the words that fiction writers use, and start using them.” I’ve always wondered how my favourite authors managed to make me care so much, to keep me glued to every line until a scene would end abruptly at … Continue reading

Rain, Ellen DeGeneres and a Disney Show

It’s just started pouring rain again. Summer rain, so I don’t mind it. It is however 80% humidity which is… a lot of wetness to deal with. Everything smells damp. Like a sheep’s just had a bath. In Melbourne it’s been stormy all week, with thunder storms and all that snazzy lightning (the thunder was … Continue reading

The Incessant Beeping

This morning I was preparing to go out to meet my friend for coffee when my bathroom routine (music up, makeup, dance around, attempt to fix hair then give up for more dancing) was so rudely disrupted by a neighbour’s indefatigable fire alarm. At first I thought it was coming from our house. I had to … Continue reading

I need to write how many essays??

I spent a large part of today with computers and print-outs surrounding me, and about a million tabs open, finally getting myself organised to go back to classes next week. My diary is now filled with my friend’s birthdays and a few assignment due dates already. And I’ve got a pocket stuffed full with lecture … Continue reading

I Think I Think Too Much About 10 Cents

I found a ten cent coin that was made in 1967 today on the cement floor of a converted primary school turned cafe. I noticed that the coin, this tiny, silver thing, was older than I was. In fact it was twenty-six years older than me. And I thought that was interesting. Like, the difference … Continue reading

Nope. I’ve got nothing.

Nada. Brain freeze. Starstruck (you’re beautiful). Speechless. Zilch. All I can think about writing is how soy milk doesn’t foam properly (I was making a million coffees today at work) but that’s not even interesting to me. And how I really miss my dad, and that we’re off to that school picnic I wrote about … Continue reading

Don’t Ask Me How To Blog

Sometimes (most times) when I log on to WordPress, I get distracted by the orange notifications flashing in the corner and have to read them first. And then I read the new posts I’m subscribed to. I might make some comments, or snort-giggle at a particularly hilarious sentence. Occasionally I’ll open up another tab in … Continue reading

Pink Glitter

My nails are currently painted with a fresh coat if pink glitter nail polish, thank you very much, because my cousin booked a manicure appointment for us today. I’m doing that obnoxious hand-flashing, “LOOK AT MY PRETTY FINGERS” thing that people do when they’ve just done their nails and they’re overly proud of them. You … Continue reading

When I Was 5, I Knew All My Colours.

For the past few hours I’ve been watching old home videos, which is, quite simply, the most hilarious activity. Who wouldn’t want to see tiny versions of themselves, walking around in atrociously bright and coordinated outfits, saying funny things in high-pitched voices? Who wouldn’t want to see their parents looking exactly the same except with … Continue reading