The Power Braid

Sometimes I think my life would be so much better if I could do a semi-decent fishtail braid on myself. That braid has magical qualities. Hot vampires would profess their love for me. I’d get so many compliments at uni that I’d end up getting sick of smiling graciously. I think this (deluded)  thought stems from seeing my favourite fictional characters with better lives and better wardrobes looking beautiful with their hair all done up. Like Elena in 4×07 of The Vampire Diaries (the episode I just watched), or Serena in Gossip Girl for some episode I can’t remember… Ugh they just look so good all the time!!!!!!!

Whenever I attempt a fishtail on myself, it looks like a double-helix spewing out stray hairs. It’s passable, but really nothing to inspire it’s own German(?) hair tutorial.

Seriously. That braid says to people, “I’m better than you. I look good. I have a professional stylist, so go get me some Starbucks.”


4 thoughts on “The Power Braid

  1. I swear in every episode I’ve seen, which is now seven, Elena wakes up looking like PERFECTION. Like do I really need another quick shot of Elena getting out of bed looking like a runway model to remind me that when I get out of bed, I just look unruly?

    If I could do the fishtail braid, I would. SO HARD.

    • I got season 1 on DVD for Christmas (I’ve already seen it on TV), so technically I could watch along with you, but I’m lazy so that probably won’t happen. We’ll see.

      SHE ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE PERFECTION. Brushing her teeth: perfection. Fighting with vampires: perfection. Taking an algebra test next to a vampire: perfection. Don’t be discouraged though, she obviously “sleeps” with false lashes and flawless foundation.

      And technically I can do the fishtail braid, just not WELL. Elena standard. You know.

    • That is so unfair. We need those skills, not the horse.
      UPDATE GUYS: I did a fishtail braid for work today, and it was “okay”, but people complimented me anyway. So I guess that makes this post a little irrelevant. Actually, no, it’s complaining about Elena’s perfect perfection and that still annoys me.

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