My Internet crashed last night after I’d written an entire post and was trying to press “publish”. So this is my yesterday post — it was supposed to be about the horrific beast we found in the kitchen yesterday…a huntsman spider. The image of it’s creepy little face is still burned in my mind. Long story short, my whole family are wimps. But it didn’t save the draft, and it’s 8:09 am right now (I just got up) so I really can’t be bothered rewriting it.

[Zia, if you’re reading this…probably not…I just had a dream that I received a card from you, for some reason you were from the Netherlands though, and you’d got all these other bloggers to sign it. That’s what happens when you blog close to midnight and directly before bedtime!]

P.S. I just split my pajama pants, so this day is going well already.


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