The Inevitable Lack of Ideas

I still have three hours and 53 minutes before midnight and technically my daily blog deadline is up, so I actually could wait a while and see if I get an idea of what to write about. But I already know I would end up brainstorming for five minutes, getting distracted by my book and then Survivor and eventually I’d be in bed. Fast asleep until I bolt up at 3am realising I haven’t written anything. So I’m just gonna wing it.

I made dinner tonight, so I was going to do a My Drunk Kitchen inspired post (because, you know, cooking?! Funny?? I don’t know). But in the end I had merely created a weird list of jumbled thoughts I’d written down while cooking stir-fry. For example, “I / Am Never Ever Ever / Cutting Up Chicken Again Ever” (to the tune of WANEGBT by Taylor Swift), “I AM A SPAGHATTA NAHDLE!”


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