Children (Including Me)

If you wanted to know the lyrics to Disney’s “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled, then HERE. And if you feel like maybe you shouldn’t click that link, because maybe you’re nineteen years old, and maybe you don’t watch Disney movies anymore (and certainly don’t search for the songs on Youtube), don’t worry about it, because 456,194 other people have done it before you. And my little sister, who is sixteen, technically searched it for us, not you or I.

She gave me the link by saying “type:” rather than sending the link, because it’s more like a code and we like a little mystery in our lives.

And then you think, “Maybe I should search for Disney on Youtube”, and then after being greeted by a Mickey Mouse loading sign, you see this, and you notice that all the kids featured in that ad are no older than ten, and your cursor slowly moves towards the close button…

I don’t know why my sister wanted to serenade me with Rapunzel’s morning routine, but she did, and I love her for it. Today we had to semi-babysit some kids (about age 4 to 9 I think) while their parents were working outside. They said the most hilarious things, but I can’t for the life of me remember any of them because they came out so frequently. What I do remember is making them popcorn and feeding them biscuits, at their request, putting Mary Poppins and Harry Potter into the DVD player at some point, and being persuaded to play “Monopoly-no-wait-Bingo” with the four of them. They were also so loud even just to announce “83 NO I DON’T HAVE THAT NO IT’S MY TURN HEY 83 DO YOU HAVE THAT?” We also took them on the fire truck and heard “YEAH KIMMY WILL DRIVE US HOME SHE REALLY CAN HEY LOOK A DOOR LET’S OPEN IT WAIT ALYSSA CAN YOU OPEN IT? I WANNA PULL THIS FING DOWN HEY ALYSSA CAN DRIVE US SHE HAS HER LICENCE” “I do have my licence but not my truck licence,” “OH HOW IS IT DIFFERENT ISN’T IT THE SAME THING?” “Nah, a truck is much bigger,” “OKAY DADDY LET ME DOWN NOW.”


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