Tiny, Tangy, Crunchy Candy: Rainbow Nerds

I was going to title this post “I Just Poured a Whole Heap of Nerds Into My Mouth”, and then comment on the importance of capitalisation (I don’t want anyone here thinking I’m a cannibal who prefers a diet of nerds over jocks and cheerleaders). But then I decided against it, and THEN I started writing this sentence, so here we are. All caught up? Good. And, side-note, the Spanish for “tiny, tangy, crunchy candy” on the box is “dulcecitos agrios y crujientes”. I find Spanish inexplicably humorous.

So since I have nothing much to talk about (I spent today watching YouTube videos –mostly of the slightly educational yet entertaining variety which is kinda embarrassing– and reading) I am talking to you about Wonka Nerds. THIS IS WHAT THE PRESSURE OF DAILY POSTING HAS DONE TO ME.



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