Once Again, Alyssa Is Posting About Sheets

Last night, I fell asleep underneath the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Not literally– I just have this new bedspread that’s got these adorable Parisian doodles of poodles and boulangeries and a couple sitting on a park bench, with beginner’s level French phrases like “merci”, “bonjour” and “ooh la la”. I’d prefer some hardcore vocab or maybe some grammar tables so I could study with my sheets. On second thought, who wants to study in bed?

Here’s a snippet of my Facebook conversation from today, which started out with my friend asking about French at university:

Alyssa: Do you know what subjects you’re thinking of?

Alyssa: OH AND IF YOU GET GIVEN A HUGE YEARLY CALENDAR PLANNER THING, get one for me? Because I got handed one last year and it was awesome, and I want another one.

Alyssa: I’m kidding. Kind of. I do really want one.

Olivia: Art history and ancient worlds with a diploma of French. Hahaha the calendar was THAT exciting???

Alyssa: It was just so USEFUL…I don’t know Olivia! Cool subjects. I just enrolled into diploma this year. 

Olivia: Hahaha that’s so funny!!

Alyssa: I’m glad my desire to organize my assignments is amusing to you.


One thought on “Once Again, Alyssa Is Posting About Sheets

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