I’ll Just Jump Right In

Me: It’s happening.

You (yes– you): What an ambiguous statement.

Me: What is happening is this: I have decided to write a blog post every day.

You: What are you thinking Alyssa?

Me: I’m serious here.

You: Have you been gorgonized?

Me: I…wait, what does that even mean? 

You: Pfft, you are so not ready for this. You don’t even know ‘gorgonize’. What a newb. 

Me: Hey, I can do it. Blogging is like…extended tweeting. (And I tweet every day). It’s really not that much of a stretch.

You: But won’t I get, like, really boring daily stories about what you ate for breakfast? 

Me: Okay, my life can be boring sometimes, but hopefully the stories won’t be. Because the magic of writing is that you can say whatever you like. A five-legged dragon here, a caped crusader there… And I promise to never write about what I had for breakfast. Unless it’s waffles or pancakes, because that needs to be shared.

You: Fine. Do what you like. Try to write for 365 days straight. But don’t come crying to me when it all falls apart next Tuesday.


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