Call Me a Nerd. DO IT.

I’ve been doing lots of nothing. Nothing, and reading. I have this bad habit of reading several books at once (like right now I’m in the middle of Looking for Alaska and in the early stages of Sense and Sensibility. Oh, and The Scarlet Letter. All while listening to my sister read aloud a school book named Brooklyn. A veritable smorgasbord of literature if you ask me). Actually, I’m a bit like Alaska, with her ‘Life Library’ — a huge collection is constantly piled up beside my bed so I always have something to read.

I still have a few books to read before next semester, when I start American Classics which sounds brilliant. I mean, it’s not study of the origins and evolution of extraterrestrial life, but it’s something. I’m also going into advanced-level French so AHHH.

Anyway, I’ve scared myself into starting to think about planning ahead.


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