Posted in January 2013

The Power Braid

Sometimes I think my life would be so much better if I could do a semi-decent fishtail braid on myself. That braid has magical qualities. Hot vampires would profess their love for me. I’d get so many compliments at uni that I’d end up getting sick of smiling graciously. I think this (deluded)  thought stems … Continue reading


My Internet crashed last night after I’d written an entire post and was trying to press “publish”. So this is my yesterday post — it was supposed to be about the horrific beast we found in the kitchen yesterday…a huntsman spider. The image of it’s creepy little face is still burned in my mind. Long story short, … Continue reading

The Inevitable Lack of Ideas

I still have three hours and 53 minutes before midnight and technically my daily blog deadline is up, so I actually could wait a while and see if I get an idea of what to write about. But I already know I would end up brainstorming for five minutes, getting distracted by my book and … Continue reading

Children (Including Me)

If you wanted to know the lyrics to Disney’s “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled, then HERE. And if you feel like maybe you shouldn’t click that link, because maybe you’re nineteen years old, and maybe you don’t watch Disney movies anymore (and certainly don’t search for the songs on Youtube), don’t worry about … Continue reading

Neighbours, France and…Wait, What Are You Wearing?!

We have these lovely neighbours who live two doors down from us. They’ve been friends of the family since before I was born…in fact, since my dad was about 8. She loves gardening and golfing, he loves golfing and attempting to speak French with me. They’re both extensive travelers,  having visited Europe countless times and even … Continue reading

Tiny, Tangy, Crunchy Candy: Rainbow Nerds

I was going to title this post “I Just Poured a Whole Heap of Nerds Into My Mouth”, and then comment on the importance of capitalisation (I don’t want anyone here thinking I’m a cannibal who prefers a diet of nerds over jocks and cheerleaders). But then I decided against it, and THEN I started … Continue reading

Sand, Science and Salt Water

My friends and I decided to spend today at the beach, on account of how Thursday was the hottest day this week. Of course, the heat meant that everyone, from the embarrassingly more-tan-than-me toddler in a multicoloured swimsuit to the group of people building a stalagmite-inspired castle/fortress in the sand, everyone, was there. I’d driven up with … Continue reading

Once Again, Alyssa Is Posting About Sheets

Last night, I fell asleep underneath the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Not literally– I just have this new bedspread that’s got these adorable Parisian doodles of poodles and boulangeries and a couple sitting on a park bench, with beginner’s level French phrases like “merci”, “bonjour” and “ooh la la”. I’d prefer some … Continue reading

I’ll Just Jump Right In

Me: It’s happening. You (yes– you): What an ambiguous statement. Me: What is happening is this: I have decided to write a blog post every day. You: What are you thinking Alyssa? Me: I’m serious here. You: Have you been gorgonized? Me: I…wait, what does that even mean?  You: Pfft, you are so not ready for this. You … Continue reading