I Don’t Know…Lizards?

Can I please hire somebody to make up titles for me?

I was watching Sixteen Candles a few nights ago, and my dad said that I have the same contemptuous eye roll as Molly Ringwald. “I’ll take that,” I thought to myself.

And now speaking of Molly Ringwald, I saw Pitch Perfect today. (No, Molly isn’t in it. There’s just this scene with the cute, main love-interest guy that involves the final scene of the Breakfast Club.) It was a pretty good movie, especially if you’re a sucker for acapella mash-ups and singing battles in emptied-out swimming pools, and funny one-liners like “aca-scuse me?” Okay, I’m trying my hardest not to make this a spoiler post, but I’m one of those people that is so bad at communicating an event that happened to them to other individuals that it ends up being a word vomit story where I get lost in a sentence and like, oh dear. It’s worse when you know me in real life. Trust me.

That’s probably why I type “So anyway” so often on this blog. I get disoriented in my own train of thought and then they can’t be fathomed into constellations 😉

I was going to the movies with my two friends, Sacha, who we’d meet there, and Laura, who (whom?) I’d offered to drive down. I found Laura’s street (because, even if you’ve been there before, it’s always harder to find a place when you’re sudddenly driving there yourself) after successfully navigating through a section of road work that only allowed one car through at a time and some nonchalant workers darting in and out of the marked-off section, chatting on their mobiles. I pulled over outside her house, which was on a fairly steep hill, and went in to get her.

This is what happened in my mind for the next half hour:

  • I hope that parking’s alright, I think it is, I’ll just go and knock on Laura’s door.
  • Oh, Laura’s skirt is so gorgeous and pink! I should tell her that!
  • We’re off to the movies…so turn right here. Yes. Correct. High-five.
  • I’m so bad at conversation. Driving and conversation. Multitasking.
  • Ooops – I’ll have to take the next exit then.
  • I hope this parking’s alright too.
  • Gosh I suck at parking.
  • Oh look, there’s Sacha. Hey, Sacha!

So we bought the movie tickets, shared a large pizza between us, talked about our lives and then watched the movie.

Oh! And then on the way home (I was by myself this time so not too embarrassing) I tried to match the songs on the radio to another with the same beat to make my own mash-ups. And I totally failed.

* I actually came up with this lizard title because, at the time, I had just witnessed a tiny lizard scamper across our lounge room floor. What?


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