Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Though.

“It’s just the stubble”. “But the noses…” Let’s put that quote into context, shall we? So last night’s dinner conversation took an interesting (and attractive) turn:

TEGAN: Has anyone watched the Batman movies? 

MAX: I’ve probably seen most of them.

ME: Teegs, aren’t there, like, new ones and old ones? And a TV show?

TEGAN: Well I didn’t realise until I watched it how much Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt look alike.

MUM: Who’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt?


MUM: What?

ME: Mum. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

TEGAN: He’s in 10 Things I Hate About You. And Inception.

ME: And 500 Days of Summer. And…

MARY: Your girls really know their movies.

TEGAN & ME: *nod heads*

TEGAN: Anyway, look! Don’t they look like the same person?

ME: Not really…I think it’s just the stubble.

MARY: It’s just the stubble.

DAD: But the noses…

EMILY: No, I can see it.

Yes, I can see the similarities I guess, but more than anything I stand by the fact that maybe it’s just an opportunistic shot where they happen to have identical facial hair. There are plenty more photos out there though. There can never be too much HL/JGL in life. 10 Things is the best movie. Okay trailing off…bye!


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