The Un-bloggable Wednesday

The only thing I have to say about today so far is how utterly unoriginal it is.

I thought a shower would clear my mind and maybe I’d get an idea, or perhaps some unplanned incident with a spider might give me a story, but nope. All I’ve done today is watch YouTube videos, tweet incessantly and eat a cookie over the sink. ENVY MY LIFE!

While we’re talking about my life (or lack of?), the other night at the dinner table we were talking about the best age to be, and I said to my social-butterfly of a sister, who had answered “Nineteen,” – “You probably aren’t that jealous of my life, are you?” She replied with a nonchalant “nope,” which was totally expected but made me question my love of staying home on Saturday nights and watching TV.  But whatever, I’m an introvert and I love it. I can watch Teen Wolf and go days without wearing jeans and conduct random baking experiments.

I know. I should get out more.


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