Posted in December 2012

A Takeout Fiasco

(First off, I feel like a liar. Here in Melbourne, most of us say “take away” and not “takeout”, but hey, I was aiming for a global audience.) I am going to recount for you the events of last evening, when my sister and I innocently set off to buy some food for dinner, blissfully unaware … Continue reading

I Don’t Know…Lizards?

Can I please hire somebody to make up titles for me? I was watching Sixteen Candles a few nights ago, and my dad said that I have the same contemptuous eye roll as Molly Ringwald. “I’ll take that,” I thought to myself. And now speaking of Molly Ringwald, I saw Pitch Perfect today. (No, Molly isn’t … Continue reading

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Though.

“It’s just the stubble”. “But the noses…” Let’s put that quote into context, shall we? So last night’s dinner conversation took an interesting (and attractive) turn: TEGAN: Has anyone watched the Batman movies?  MAX: I’ve probably seen most of them. ME: Teegs, aren’t there, like, new ones and old ones? And a TV show? TEGAN: … Continue reading

The Un-bloggable Wednesday

The only thing I have to say about today so far is how utterly unoriginal it is. I thought a shower would clear my mind and maybe I’d get an idea, or perhaps some unplanned incident with a spider might give me a story, but nope. All I’ve done today is watch YouTube videos, tweet incessantly and … Continue reading