Alyssa at Six: My Fantastically Short-lived Attempt at Diary Keeping

I was randomly perusing blogs today and I came across this post by Jazz in which she shared some old diary entries. It made me smile a lot and got me thinking about myself and my own, barely used, and might I add, pink, ‘Magical Fairy Diary’. Fairies were my thing ever since I got my hands on my first Shirley Barber book and they still make me feel all giddy and glittery when I get a chance to think about them!

Anywhoooo, back to the diary thing. It’s one of those little, cheaply-made books with a totally functional lock and key system *wink wink* (I found another empty diary and used the key from that one to open the Fairy Diary. This just proves that all kids diaries are verging on not-secure-in-the-slightest status (gasp!). Anyone could get in there and read about our secret spy hangouts! Or worse– which member of the family we thought was most annoying.

I (re)discovered that my diary entries were astonishingly ephemeral– especially for an aspiring author and an avid reader who claimed that English was her favourite subject and promised to write again soon (promises mean NOTHING to you, little me, DO THEY?!)

Here are some of my rare and incredibly misspelled musings on life at six:

SAtUrDay, 8/1/00

Hi I’m Alyssa I am 6 and I am geting my tonsalls out I will eat iescrem + jaliy [jelly] at the hospdall. I am bringin a jolrey [jewellery] roll + MuM’s pilose + a blancet.

TuEsday, 18/1/2000

I have had my tonsalls out Now my throt hetets [hurts] Rbecar [my doll’s name was Rebecca, though a few years later I insisted on spelling it with only one ‘c’ to be original] came too the Ende. [I like how Medieval I was being here.]

Friday, 1/6/01

It’s June today. It is soon my birthday. My birthday is June the 19th. I am going to have a fairy party at, the fairy shop. Some people say [name of shop].The End

Tuesday, 11/9/01

Tomorow I am going to swimming lessons. My legs get tierd from kicking. It is my turn to pick take away. Tegan does it at the same time now. She is in the other group. Some times I pretend I am on the news or some thing. [Don’t we all?]

And so ends my little diary. I was never very good at keeping them, and it’s a shame because I love looking back on things like this. But I hope you enjoyed reading them! Let’s all go eat ice-cream and jelly in our fairy costumes, okay? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Alyssa at Six: My Fantastically Short-lived Attempt at Diary Keeping

  1. awww, that’s so cute! i actually hate rereading old diaries (mine aren’t that old, more like gr. 6 or so) because it just reminds me how whiny i was xD

  2. It’s so sad – that is literally all the diary entries I have from my childhood. Tonsils, swimming lessons and a fairy party. So true– you look back and think “Wow. My issues were so ridiculous” haha XD Thank you for reading! And commenting…I love getting comments! xx

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