…since, what? My post 2/3 days ago? You betcha.

So I’ve been essay writing most of the day. Still not that far in but I do feel a little less guilty and ‘desultory’ (thanks, Zia)! 

Also that French film has been completed and just needs to be submitted. It’s black and white and très, erm, embarrassing! I’m eagerly awaiting the new Taylor Swift album, Red, which is supposed to be released on October 22nd (that’s tomorrow for me). The trouble with living outside of the U.S. is never being entirely sure of the dates or times of ANYTHING. Like, will it be a global release and therefore we’d get it earlier, or is it later for us, and for live webchats etc. ?? I have to do all these time-zone calculations based on my unreliable grasp of the EST/PST convention. So yeah, just lots of hassle for obsessively-fanatic-about-everything people like me.   

Hmmm, what else? Last week of uni starting tomorrow, which is exciting – but I won’t be relaxed until final essays and exams are over. Oh yeah! The Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars is only a few days away (another thing I’m obsessed with). Anyone else a PLL fan? IT’S SO FABULOUS!

I was going to talk about how we don’t really have Halloween here, but then I thought it doesn’t really make much difference for me. It’s weird though, because it’s all over the Internet and people are all so excited. Sure, there are a couple of ‘themed’ parties and hardcore ex Americans/Canadians who celebrate it, but other than that it’s pretty quiet on the 31st! I think it would be fun though. I guess I am talking about Halloween now. There you go. 

How have your 2/3 days been? Any annoying or inconvenient things about where you live?


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