Unpreparedness, Balzac and Arabic Sounds

I MISS YOU GUYS! I wish I went to the University of Blogging; major: Unicorns and the Fantastical Realm, minor: The Politics of Bacon is Good for Me. Or I could just, you know, make some time on the weekends. Whichever. I’m so drastically behind and unprepared for my impending essay deadlines…..putting them off….putting them off…. One month from now, exams will be over, summer will be coming, I’ll have a new Taylor Swift album to listen to and life will be good.

I’m procrastinating in the library, waiting for my French group to film our final project – an alternative ending to ‘Le Colonel Chabert‘. It’s based on a novel by Balzac and is basically about a guy who comes back from the dead and expects everything to be fine. We are going to dress up, make an attempt to act in French, and be mildly humiliated in front of the class. So it’s fine.

Sitting in a campus Japanese bar, Tsubu, with a group of friends earlier today, I sat in awe and admiration as they had a discussion in Arabic (preparing for an oral assessment). They were making crazy-foreign-Arabic sounds, like ‘oo-wa’ and ‘mal-ha-la’ (totally made up, but that’s how it sounded to me) and my friend Megan showed me her written work (curly, dotted letters written from right to left rather than left to right). And there I was looking at my French script and thinking about the plus-que-parfait.


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