Posted in October 2012


…since, what? My post 2/3 days ago? You betcha. So I’ve been essay writing most of the day. Still not that far in but I do feel a little less guilty and ‘desultory’ (thanks, Zia)!  Also that French film has been completed and just needs to be submitted. It’s black and white and très, erm, … Continue reading

Unpreparedness, Balzac and Arabic Sounds

I MISS YOU GUYS! I wish I went to the University of Blogging; major: Unicorns and the Fantastical Realm, minor: The Politics of Bacon is Good for Me. Or I could just, you know, make some time on the weekends. Whichever. I’m so drastically behind and unprepared for my impending essay deadlines…..putting them off….putting them … Continue reading