How To Tell You’re a Fan

Look! It's my future husband! I'm crying on account of his beauty.

Just FYI: This post comes from my Media blogging from this week (more Uni work! We’re learning about fans though, how cool!) and I thought maybe, possibly some of you might enjoy reading it too. ūüôā

We all like to deny it, or at least keep it to oursleves until we trust a person enough to deal with our little idiosyncrasies. But one of the most natural oddities of the human condition is our tendency to attach all our hysterical, fanatical emotions and obsessive habits onto a public figure or production. Whether you get twitchy at the thought of missing an episode of¬†Glee¬†or you’re just really into¬†Eagles of Death Metal, it’s highly likely that you’re a fan of some degree. If you display any of these attributes below, it’s time to ‘fess up: You. Are. A Total. Fan. (Don’t worry, there’s a little bit of crazy in all of us.)

1. Your friends and family roll their eyes when you mention them.¬†You’ve talked about One Direction so much that even the slightest reference drives your loved ones insane. Someone says something about needing to clarify “one thing” and you hone in on the conversation with the deathly precision of a hawk and prepare to repeat their innocent utterance at nearly deafening volume levels: “YOU GOT THAT ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!”

2. You refer to your idol by a first name or nickname.¬†I’ll often say to my mum, “Taylor’s going to be in Japan next week.” And she’ll reply, “Oh, is that one of your friends from school?” “No mum,” I say, “I meant Taylor Swift.” We’re besties, Tay and I.

3. You’ve got a tattoo of their face, their autograph, or their pet dog, somewhere on your body.¬†Like¬†this guy. That’s permanent, people. I was definitely a diehard Hi-5 fan back in the day, but I must say I’m glad I’m not stuck with a not-so-temporary reminder of that time in my life.

4. Marriage proposals.¬†This is a strange phenomenon. The daily Twitter proposals to celebrities are so abundant that diamond companies¬†would¬†be absolutely giddy with delight – if only they were all legitimate. There would be an awful lot of Mrs. Preley’s if they’d all got their way back when he was making all the ladies swoon.

5. If you ever get to meet them, squeals and cries ensue.¬†In 2010, I was at a Taylor Swift concert. She does this cool thing where she walks down the middle of the arena and¬†hugs every fan¬†within reaching distance. Ah, I get the squiggly-feelings just thinking about it. ūüôā Well, um, guess what happened? We were on the aisle and TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT gave me a hug. And her bracelet. It was such a surreal experience– having physical contact with someone you’ve idolised from across-continent for¬†years. I’m telling you this experience mostly for my reaction, as a super-fan. I was shocked. I burst into (happy) tears. I was shaking and my face went red. My sister still tells me how “embarrassing” it was to be near me. But, hey, it was the best. I’ll admit I acted like a crazy person, but who cares?! It was crazy!

6. You start to dress, talk or behave in a similar way. Fans of a TV series and movie franchises are particularly guilty of this.

7. You’ve got every song, like, ever produced on your iPod.¬†Covers? Unreleased songs? Christmas albums? Parodies from TV commercials and late night talk shows? You name ’em, we got ’em.

8. The star has become a philosophy. The Biebs is not just a guy, he is a way of life.

9. Camping out seems entirely logical to you.¬†Who¬†wouldn’t¬†want to sleep overnight¬†in a tent, surrounded by other strangers and in terrible weather conditions? It’s the only way you’ll get to see the Hunger Games cast – in the flesh. It will be¬†totally¬†worth it. They might even touch you. You’d probably die. THIS IS IN THE NAME OF DEDICATION!

10. You will willingly put on a giant perfume bottle costume on national television. Click here. (You should know, this is, again, Swift related. Are you sensing a theme here?)

Can any of you relate to of these fan-dicators? Or did I just create an incredibly embarrassing post that reveals way too much of my dorkdom? Only your comments will reassure me of my normalcy (or lack thereof)!!


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