Kid On a Lead, Interrupted Lecture & Other Shenanigans

I saw some weird things today. Well, this first one was cute:

Waiting for the bus, this little boy was “walking” his dog in the front yard. This kid was about 4 years old, so the dog was practically walking him. I just got to watch this little boy being tugged around his garden, running like crazy, until he pulled on the lead with all his strength and got the dog to stop. It put a smile on my face. Anyway.

Then, in the 10am lecture — for Prosh Week apparently (I still don’t understand exactly what this is) — we had some people…let’s just say “lacking” in the clothes department… Entirely. About ten of them, just streaking away. The worst part was that we had a guest lecturer today, a POET LAUREATE and a SIR for goodness sake, reading war poetry to us in his lovely solemn British accent of his. The shock on his face!

And to top it all off, there were some milk-carton creations all around campus: A dragon, a cow hanging in a tree, a dinosaur skeleton and a Jurassic Park Jeep,

Was your day any weirder than mine?


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