The Multiple Blog Conundrum

Don’t freak out. I haven’t ditched you guys and got a secret ‘blogspot’ or something. I WOULD NEVER. The “multiple blogs” thing is actually related to Uni work. (What isn’t related to Uni on here these days? I need to get out more. I’m sorry guys. Geez.) For an Internet-related class I’m doing, we’re required to answer a question once a week on Tumblr that our tutors will read and give us a huge 1 point for completion. Which is fine, I’m all “I love blogs” etc., but these questions always seem to be asking for further reading and end up looking like a short essay. It’s really not worth doing for 1 point. Then for my Media class we have to participate in blogging on another site, which is much more casual and kind of fun – it just has to relate to the subject in some way. (Case in point: I got to insert this picture for my introduction post:)

(and in my next post which I did this morning, I GOT TO TALK ABOUT A JOHN GREEN VIDEO. JOHN GREEN.)

The problem with all this, is that I haven’t written on here for a while, and I miss it terribly, but I continually open up a draft and stare at the screen – wordless. Or worse, I write a line like “You know the funny thing about cats?” and then backspace the line, because there are way too many quality cat blogs on the Internet and I could NEVER reach those standards.

So I’m basically whining about being blogged out and having writers block mixed with the urgeeeee tooooo writteee something without any inspiration or ideas. Happens to all of us, I know. Have you ever had writers block? I feel like I’ve had it all my life!


5 thoughts on “The Multiple Blog Conundrum

  1. omg, writer’s block KILLS. i rarely have it for my blog (usually i’m just procrastinating) but it currently has me in its grasp for my story-writing :/ hope yours gets better soon!

    • It so does. Especially when you feel like writing but you just can’t form words! You are amazing, posting quality blogs pretty much everyday. I don’t know how you do it!! My life’s a bit too monotonous at the minute. Thank you so much, and I hope you get some story inspiration! 🙂

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