Back to Reality/Banality

Going back to your everyday routine after a break – whether yours is school, work, university or, uh, spacecamp (?) – is real tough. You’ve just had this blissful stage of 2-6 or however many weeks where you can live in a perpetually disillusioned state pretending that you have nor will ever have any commitments and it’s like you’re so rich you don’t even need to work. But then, eventually comes the day you look at the calender or at the top of the Sunday newspaper and realise 1. That no, you aren’t an heiress with a bajillion dollars who can stay home and do good for humanity and 2. You have to go back and WAKE UP AT A REASONABLE HOUR!! What in the world?! You’ve got to muster all of your motivation and roll outta that bed and put on those boots and sit/stand on that train until you reach your destination and sit on a bus and then sit in a class. It’s not always this tedious.

So today was one of those days for me. Semester 2, day 1.

10:00 – Met a friend outside the lecture theatre, attended lecture, lecturer read poem and I got The Chills.

11:00 – Went to buy books with my friend but saw a line that looked as if people were camping out for the next Hunger Games movie, so we turned around and bought pizza instead.

11:23 – Found beanbags and ate said pizza on said beanbags.

12:00 – Second lecture.

1:00 – I had a free hour and needed to pick something up from the bookshop, so I braved the queue outside that was about 10-unicorns long with actual security guards organising the entrance of customers like we were entering a nightclub. Then, I finally got in (no stamp upon entrance though), found my book and glanced left and right for the line to pay. I identified a line formation, followed it along and realised that it snaked around the entire perimeter of the shop. But I had an hour to spare, right? I like books, hey? I stood there and tried not to block other people, stepped forward when I could and read the book titles on the shelves by me. I was stuck near the philosophy section for a while, so I remember seeing: Nietzscheism, Philosophy for Dummies, Most Complex Theories Explained in 30 seconds and How to Stay Sane etc. etc. Also, I stared in awe at a bound book for Urban Environments or something like that that was probably the weight of a small child!

2:00 – Introduced myself to people outside the French classroom, we all complained about how little we knew.

2:15 – Wrote some Fren-tences. French sentences.

4:15 – Es-ca-pay! Sounds kinda like escape. French class was over!

5:03 – Train home. Had to sit on a luggage rack. That was uncomfortable. I attempted to read the paper, then read Dubliners, then I forfeited and listened to my iPod.

6:10 – Collapsed on lounge room floor. Home at last.


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