“You got it, dude”

Salutations, my fellow sesquipedalians!

I’ve been squandering the last few days reading some glorious books and watching old episodes of Full House– mostly for Michelle Tanner’s cutie-pie-ness but ASLO to make fun of the ol’ reliable Message at the end of each episode. At about the 20 minute mark, right on cue, The Message Music comes on and Danny or Jesse or Joey teach the kids or each other a Valuable Lesson About Life. So cheesy. It’s great.

Also, I’ve been trying to put my room back together after a ‘flood’ caused by the bursting of the hot water system right next to my bedroom ruined all the carpet and things. Sigh.

My combined love for the old film references in Pretty Little Liars and Hitchcock films thanks to my Literature teacher prompted me to watch Strangers on a Train, which was black and white and all kinds of awesome. That Bruno character is a madman.

Oh, and today I get to drop off my sister’s friend at the train station and drink coffee and come home and probably repeat all of the above before the holidays end.



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