Impromptu Shopping Trips and Driiiiviiiing!

Today I was in the car with Sacha and Erika, we were cruising towards the shopping centre (in search of stylish, low-price things)…and I was just appreciating from the back seat how exciting it is to drive around without parents. It feels somehow illegal in the best, most non-badass way possible. Speaking of driving, I now have my license – I passed yesterday and was absolutely shocked that I managed to get through the test without passing out from fear. My first and only solo drive was around town yesterday, and I felt hyper-aware of my panicked/ecstatic facial expressions as I approached the roundabouts and other P-plate drivers. It was awesome-scary.

After a solid four to five hours of trolling through the shops, I can confidently say that pastel pastel pastel and knit knit knit is EVERYWHERE and there is no escaping it. I of course bought a knitted jumper (it’s a sweater I guess most of you call them) after complaining most of the day about how EXPENSIVE they all were. Mine was $30, instead of $60 or $80 like most places, so that was a win. Okay, I’ll stop talking about clothes now. Oops. (Can you tell I have no shenanigans to tell you of?)

I just deleted a whole shenanigan paragraph because I’ve forgotten the name of an actor we heard on the radio. *Sigh*


2 thoughts on “Impromptu Shopping Trips and Driiiiviiiing!

  1. Awesome-scary is exactly right but… I think you really mean MOST TOTALLY AWESOME BADASS WAY EVER? and the best thing about driving solo? complete radio control šŸ˜€

    • Iā€™m gonna have to agree with you there, it is MOST TOTALLY AWESOME. Although I am yet to venture out in a vehicle alone with the radio on in the hopes that I may stay as safe as possible, when that day comes I will relish the freedom.

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