Posted in July 2012

Back to Reality/Banality

Going back to your everyday routine after a break – whether yours is school, work, university or, uh, spacecamp (?) – is real tough. You’ve just had this blissful stage of 2-6 or however many weeks where you can live in a perpetually disillusioned state pretending that you have nor will ever have any commitments … Continue reading

“You got it, dude”

Salutations, my fellow sesquipedalians! I’ve been squandering the last few days reading some glorious books and watching old episodes of Full House– mostly for Michelle Tanner’s cutie-pie-ness but ASLO to make fun of the ol’ reliable Message at the end of each episode. At about the 20 minute mark, right on cue, The Message Music … Continue reading

Impromptu Shopping Trips and Driiiiviiiing!

Today I was in the car with Sacha and Erika, we were cruising towards the shopping centre (in search of stylish, low-price things)…and I was just appreciating from the back seat how exciting it is to drive around without parents. It feels somehow illegal in the best, most non-badass way possible. Speaking of driving, I … Continue reading