Shampoo-less-ness and Winter

It’s raining outside. Wet, cold, and miserable weather. I somehow had the NBC Today show on this morning and they were ranting about how it’s a stinking heat wave and it’s 100 degrees and kids who don’t go to school are playing in fountains. They even interviewed this guy on the street who was too over-heated to say anything really coherent – he was sort of happily mumbling about he was going home to relax with the air-con. (Naturally, I Googled the 100 degrees to make sure my guesstimation was right: 100 in Fahrenheit equals 38 degrees Celsius). I never realised how tricky it was to spell Fahrenheit, because I’ve never really had to write it before. There you go. I was one letter off, that sneaky ‘h’… I’LL SPELL YOU NEXT TIME. Ahem. Celsius makes more sense to me because zero degrees is freezing point, instead of 32 which is random. Did I ever tell you that I once took a thermometer to school and put it in my locker? (I know, nerd right?) It actually became quite the talking piece whenever my friends visited my locker-chateau. I wanted to prove to my dad how freezing it got during winter – particularly those rare days of snow. If you can call it that – it was about 2 centimetres of slushy frozen rain stuff that lasted about fifteen minutes and a tiny snow man before it melted away to mud and goop.

I’ve made a makeshift coffee table / coffee-spill catcher on the floor from a shoe-box lid I found on my bed, because I’m sitting on the floor constrained by the power cord and I’m too lazy to move. Also, the ‘shampoo-less-ness’ relates to this morning when I was in the shower and well…catastrophe. No shampoo! Just an escape of foamy leftover suds and water that had filled the bottle. The perks of sharing a bathroom with your sister.

Anyway, I think I’ve run out of mediocre information to share for now. I don’t even know how to end this post. So. The End. I guess.


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