Exams Are Not Fun (Let’s Load a Webpage)

My last exam is an essay to do over this weekend, and the prompts should have been put up online right about……now. *Sigh* I’m really not looking forward to this. Should I go check if the prompts are up yet? Yes. No. Why, whyyy?

Okay I’ll go check.

This is so not fair you guys. 😦

The page is loading.

Yep. There it is. 

“Open-book take-home exam – questions: Exam period begins now”

What a daunting heading. As if this wasn’t insufferable enough. Your Time Is NOW. Doomsville. Begin. Darn. Now I have two essays to write. Finneee, clicking link. There are five questions there, and I have to pick two. Ugh. I’d prefer to continue being a whiny, pessimistic drama queen. That’s no good for grades! Okthenbye 


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