Let’s just PRETEND this is interesting. To get the blog-ball rolling again.

Does anyone else have those moments of mild panic/excitement because they haven’t read Elodie’s latest SparkLife column? Never fear, the link is here: http://community.sparknotes.com/blog/contributor/elodie

Or Dear Albert, if you’re feeling fictional: http://community.sparknotes.com/tag/dear-albert

Well, now that we’re all at ease because we have a link which is easily clickable, let’s talk about sleepovers. We just got home from a family sleepover– it’s actually pretty cute. My family have these close family friends (our dad’s went to school together and they’re still best buds) [The audience *awww*]. Our families are fairly inseperable. For instance, we had to ask for tables next to each others at a recent event. We see them most Friday nights. The girls go to school together (and I’m almost 19 and feeling old). There are inside jokes and no one’s worried about wearing their pyjamas if they’re around. And on our birthdays we stay at each other’s houses and dance around like crazy.

Last night we had a birthday cake covered in Malteasers for the birthday boy, and we stayed up late watching an ACDC concert. Because that’s what we do.

Do you have any sleepover traditions with your friends?


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