With my current timetable, I get Fridays off (which is glorious, GLORIOUS – when you have no essays to write or group projects to script, which you usually do.) Actually, I did have an essay to start today and a French script to write, but my mum took me shopping anyway. Because I’m hardcore like that. No, I’m really not. I can’t lie to you guys. I was having a hardcore day.

Shopping with your mum has its good and not-as-good sides: good, she makes sure you buy LOTS and it’s all really warm and practical. Not-as-good, she makes sure you buy LOTS and you have just spent about a month’s savings. Oh, another good, she buys you coffee and $10.00 cardigans. To quote my mother on the phone, “I had a great time spending Alyssa’s money. Did she tell you she drove home?” Yes, I’m this close to my 120 hours, then I’ll be a licensed driver allowed to cruise around solo or with one other peer or family member. Score!

So I got a little off-track there. Shopping. Oh yeah. Here’s a little digi-haul for you (if this bores you just scroll past the ridiculous list and search for my witty ending anecdote or phrase of some sort that I will mark for you with *llamas*):

  • Jeans – dark wash, purple (really) and navy blue slash green, I can’t really tell
  • Raincoat – semi-stylish yet still waterproof to shelter me from the incessant rain in Melbourne right now
  • A burgundy top which I’m in love with for some inexplicable reason
  • A grey top with tribal print (shark bait HOO-HA-HA)
  • Black tights because they were on SALE

On a side note, I haven’t really posted much because I am terrible at thinking of entertaining things to write about. I really can’t tell if any of my blogs are entertaining. I just set some of them free into the blogosphere and hope and wish and spin around 3 times with my fingers crossed really fast that someone will occasionally laugh or smile at them. That’s why comments make me feel like I’ve spotted a unicorn in DisneyLand – just wonderstruck. So, thanks for reading!

*llamas* This one time, I was waiting at the bus stop, and I saw a guy walk past with a unicycle.  Legit.


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