Technology and Greek Music

My laptop is delusional. No, it’s… bipolar. One minute, “3 hours! (72%) battery remaining!” it tells me. The next time I check “8 hours 31 minutes! (85%) battery remaining! Hoorah!” Well, which is it laptop?! Your battery life can’t just increase exponentially without me doing anything about it. Can it? Are you a magic computer? [I hope I’m not the only person in the world to get all anthropomorphic on their electronic devices]. Well, I’m fairly confident to say that if it was a magic computer it wouldn’t weigh down my bag. No, it would float by my side like a magic carpet as I walk to the train station.

You’re probably wondering about the Greek music. So am I, actually. There are some Greek singers performing on campus just outside and a stall set up with a group of people selling kebabs. It’s something to do with a student fair. I don’t know anything other than that– all I know for sure is that my laptop DOES NOT fly and my battery is now 68%, which means I either have 6 hours or 20 minutes left of power to take notes from my next lecture.


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