Chocolate Fudge and a Picnic at Hanging Rock

Today was my mum’s birthday, and my sister’s birthday is in two days, so obviously I MADE CELEBRATORY FUDGE. With mini m&m’s. AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. When does melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk not look amazing? The answer to that is…Never. Capitalized.

Tonight the whole family is off to my younger sister’s school-organised picnic at Hanging Rock (Yes, like the book. And yes, I do worry that I will mysteriously go missing like the female characters do. “I will come home alive, RIGHT MUM?!”) The fact that the weather is basically Antarctic isn’t really adding to my eagerness to get there. We’ll all probably sit there huddled in blankets and scarves and jackets on the wet grass for an hour, and them come drudging back all miserable-like.


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