Posted in March 2012

Technology and Greek Music

My laptop is delusional. No, it’s… bipolar. One minute, “3 hours! (72%) battery remaining!” it tells me. The next time I check “8 hours 31 minutes! (85%) battery remaining! Hoorah!” Well, which is it laptop?! Your battery life can’t just increase exponentially without me doing anything about it. Can it? Are you a magic computer? … Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge and a Picnic at Hanging Rock

Today was my mum’s birthday, and my sister’s birthday is in two days, so obviously I MADE CELEBRATORY FUDGE. With mini m&m’s. AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. When does melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk not look amazing? The answer to that is…Never. Capitalized. Tonight the whole family is off to my younger sister’s school-organised picnic at Hanging Rock … Continue reading

Yes, I Have Some Blog-Commitment Issues

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m alive – I swear! My last post was the night before university…and now week 3 is almost over. Time flies when you’re taking public transport every day. I guess. Well it’s all been one big, tiring blur, which is why I cannot sit here with my eyes pried open while … Continue reading