Being Awkward

So I’m a totally incompetent human being. Like totally. I will experience an awkward fumble/fall/stutter on a daily basis. I should get a medal for how uncoordinated I can be.

Last week I was buying food from the bakery where I work after my shift, and I handed the guy who was serving me 20 cents rather than 90 cents (even though I’d already verbalized to him that I knew it would be 90 cents change) and continued to stare dumbly at him while he made a confused face like “okayyyyy….this girl sucks at math and life.”

Then today I went out shopping with my sister and cousins. We were in a public place – of course I made a fool of myself! I approached the crossing from the train station with care, looking from left to right and left again (I’m a cautious person), and made eye contact with the driver who was stopped to let us pass. Following behind the other three, I assumed that walking across a road was a fairly simple task that even my highly under-developed motor skills would be capable of. But then, as if I were that clumsy girl at the start of a movie who trips and just happens to fall onto the love of her life, I slid on the painted ground and waited in horror as my legs split in opposite directions and I basically went cross-tar skiing in slow-motion. Not my most graceful move. And you know what? I didn’t even bump into a cute guy.


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