Things That Freak. Me. Out.

  1. Unidentified insects – There is currently one half-jumping, half-flying along the walls in the room. Is it a cricket? Is it a spider? This specimen has a black exoskeleton, long legs with suction cups as feet and wings like a beetle This would’ve been great in year 9 science when we were studying classification. I could have discovered a new species! I could name it after myself! I could win a Nobel Prize!
  2. Noises when I’m in bed and the lights are out – It’s not crazy to think there is maybe possibly a psycho outside your bedroom window just because you heard the refrigerator buzz. It’s not.
  3. Making phone calls – Yes, I admit this is a weird one. I’m just socially handicapped…I think it has something to do with my left-handedness. We’re genetically awkward.
  4. Bum-bags – “Freak out” is probably the wrong term for what happens when I see one of these, but still, I had to complain. They’re just so…ugly. They are the anti-fashion. Ick. And you know the worst part? I have to wear one once a week at work!
  5. Making decisions – I could live happily never changing anything, staying in my safe little bubble of awesomeness. Whenever I have a big decision to make, I get all panicky and upset and you know, incredibly pessimistic. It just freaks me out. I feel like I could benefit greatly from a PA or manager who’d be there to plan out my next career – er, life – move.
  6. Ball sports – Someone tell me what is enjoyable about a solid object hurtling towards you at excessive speed, plus the physical exertion required.

If you’re like me on any of these accounts, let’s be friends? It’s a freaky, freaky world out there.



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