Posted in February 2012

The Night Before University (!!!)

Guys. I start university…TOMORROW. Do you know what this means? It means…I’m starting university tomorrow! asdfghjkl$!# I’ll have lectures and tutorials instead of classes. I will take a train instead of a school bus. My teachers will be doctors and professors and I will have to write essays that go on and on for thousands of words. Phew. … Continue reading

Being Awkward

So I’m a totally incompetent human being. Like totally. I will experience an awkward fumble/fall/stutter on a daily basis. I should get a medal for how uncoordinated I can be. Last week I was buying food from the bakery where I work after my shift, and I handed the guy who was serving me 20 cents rather … Continue reading

Things That Freak. Me. Out.

Unidentified insects – There is currently one half-jumping, half-flying along the walls in the room. Is it a cricket? Is it a spider? This specimen has a black exoskeleton, long legs with suction cups as feet and wings like a beetle This would’ve been great in year 9 science when we were studying classification. I … Continue reading